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Oh it’s one am.
I really should go to bed.
Oh but the next episode starts in twenty seconds.
Oh I love Grey’s.

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I jump awake.
My breathing is heavy. This was a bad one. I can feel the tears running down my face.
I look over at the blonde beauty sleeping next to me. I really shouldn’t wake her up. Should I? I sniffle, wiping a tear away.
“Arizona?” I whisper, gently nudging her shoulder.
I bite my bottom lip, nothing happens.
“Ari… Arizona?” I try again.
“Hmm?” She responds, her voice filled with sleep.
“I…” She turns to face me, I guess she could tell by my voice that something was wrong.
“Baby?” She questions, her blue eyes full of worry and love.
I can’t respond. I can’t remember what I dreamt about. But, I know it made me want her.
“Baby what’s wrong?” She asks again, gently wiping away my tears.
“I had a dream,” I choke out.
She bites her bottom lip, then pulls me into her.
“I love you,” I choke out.
“I’m here honey. I love you too,” She soothes.
“I don’t know what I’d do without you. Promise you won’t ever leave me. Promise me,” I ask, looking at her through my tears.
“I promise Calliope. I promise.” She gently kisses my forehead.
I nod, biting my bottom lip and burying my head into her neck. I feel her relax. Her breathing becomes normal.
I look up at her. Her blonde hair is so different from my black. Her pale skin so different from my tan. So different… I rest my head on her chest. Her heartbeat is music to my ears. We both have a heartbeat. They may be different, but they are one and the same. I smile to myself.
“Go to sleep Calliope. I’ll keep the bad dreams away,” She whispers.
With that I relax, falling with her into a peaceful slumber.

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Calliope Means Music

I was awake,” I whisper.
Blue eyes snap to me. I can feel her body go ridged.
“I mean I’m sure you all weren’t really singing, but I think I was here for most of it,” I explain.
She moves away from me. I had her in my arms, but she is now next to me.
“They didn’t know what to do. The only way to save Sofia was to save me, and the only way to save me might end up killing her. So they asked you and Mark,” I say, I know it’s true.
“Yeah,” Arizona whispers, not going on.
“You knew I’d put her before myself, you fought with Mark on it,” I say, reaching out and taking her pale hand in mine.
“Yeah I did,” She runs her thumb over the back of my hand.
“You’re not nothing. You’re her Mom,” I say, looking over to her.
She looks up at me, her eyes wet with unshed tears.
“And I know Mark said that, but… But you are her mom,” I explain.
“Okay,” She says, her teeth trapping her bottom lip.
“Do you know who really saved me? Yang! Of all people Yang is the one who came up with what saved me!” I laugh, trying to get a smile out.
“Did you hear me when I asked?” She asks, a tear slipping out.
“Yeah. Then we sang The Universe And U together. And right outside Addison was telling Mark to say sorry,” I smile at my wife.
“We sang?” She chokes out a laugh.
“You have a beautiful voice,” I say, wrapping my arm around her and pulling her closer.
“I love you,” She sighs into me.
“As much as Sofia?” I ask, joking.
“Almost,” She chuckles.
I laugh at her, a real laugh. She looks up to me. Her eyes shoot something down my spine.
Then there are tears running down her cheeks. I move without thinking. I pull her into my lap and start wiping them away.
“You… You died. You were dead for a minute and fifty-six seconds. Twenty-eight the first time. A minute and twenty-eight the second. In that time our daughter came into this world. She was born without a heart beat. It took me fifty six seconds to get one. Five seconds you were both gone. Derek… He didn’t know if you were coming back to us or not.”
“But I did. I lived. For you baby,” I soothe.
“I was so afraid,” She sobs.
“Shh baby,” I whisper, pulling her into me.
She burys her face into my neck.
“I love you so much,” She mumbles.
“I was made for you,” I whisper, “That’s the last song I sang. Well it’s really named The Story, but… I sang it to get back to my body. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t in my body, then I sang that song. You were sleeping, holding my hand. You had been talking to me. You told me about how beautiful Sofia was, her black hair. How she was waiting for me,” I run my fingers through her hair.
“Calliope means music,” She says.
“That it does,” I soothe, gently dipping my head to kiss her forehead.
“Bailey held your hand,” She nods to herself.
“You saved Sofia,” I whisper.
She looks up, blue eyes full of wonder. “I did?”
“You did,” I smile, gently brushing her lips with mine.
“I love you. Please don’t ever do that to me again,” She says quietly.
“Maybe I like singing with you though,” I chuckle.
“Then ask baby. Just ask,” She whispers, cuddling into me again.
“You sleepy?” I ask.
“I’m happy I have you at home in my arms,” She answers.
“Night baby,” I smile.
“Goodnight Calliope.”

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Red or White?

"Hey," I smile at the cute blonde that just walked in.
“Hi. A beer please,” She asks with a polite smile, showing off dimples.
“Hmm… I think wine would be better. Red or white? On me of course,” I say with my own smile.
She looks at me, her eyes travel down my body, well what she can see, which is just to my boobs. I chuckle, she is not very secretive about it.
“White please,” She finally says, looking back up with beautiful blue eyes.
“Wow,” I whisper.
“Huh?” She asks, raising an eyebrow.
“Uh…” She heard me… Shit! She’s looking at you! Say something! “It… I guess that it’s… You got really pretty eyes,” I finally get out.
She giggles. Not the mean way, like most do, and not the annoying way either. It sounds like she has found something funny.
“You’re cute,” She says with a smirk.
“Not as cute as you,” I chuckle.
“Torres! You got other customers!” Joe yells at me.
I look at my blonde, giving her an apologetic smile I got and take care of some of my other customers, but keeping my eye on the blue eyed blonde.
“Here you go,” I smile as I set down a glass of white wine in front of her.
“Thanks,” She smiles at me.
“Hey my shift gets over in a few… Do you wanna?” I raise an eyebrow to her.
“Your place or mine?” She asks without even blinking.
“Mine’s closer,” I chuckle. “Whatever works for you,”
She licks her lips, I’m 100% sure it was just to turn me on, which it did. I just shake my head and walk away, clocking out.
“Have fun Cal,” Joe chuckles as he sees my rush.
“Oh I will,” I grin.
“Come back some time please. I can use all the help I can get,” He sighs.
“Two kids will do that Joe. Enjoy it while you can,” I smile at my friend. “Enjoy no kids while you can. Sex is basicly gone…” He mumbles.
“Tmi Joe,” I roll my eyes, walking out to the blue eyed women.
“I was wondering if you forgot about me,” She said with a dimpled smile as she saw me.
“How could I do that?” I ask, taking her tiny hand in mine.
“Maybe you found another blonde with blue eyes,” She teases, letting me pull her out of the bar.
“I did. It didn’t work out very well… You see, there’s this girl, named after a battleship, that has my heart already. I’m getting kinda old to pick up girls at the bar anyways,” I tease right back, pulling her into my apartment building.
“So where is this girl that has your heart?” She asks, playing dumb.
“No idea,” I play along, pushing the button for the elevator.
“Don’t you think she might get mad at you for picking me up at the bar?” She asks, sounding concerned as we step into the elevator.
“Nah. She won’t mind,” I chuckle, pulling her off the elevator.
“If I was her, I’d make sure I kept you close. Sexy girl like you could get into a lot of trouble,” She smiles, her blue eyes sparkling.
“Sexy huh?” I ask with a smirk, unlocking the door.
“Breathtaking,” She reasures.
“Nothing compared to you,” I smile, pinning her against the closed door.
“Liar,” She mumbles with blush in her cheeks.
“You look so good,” I husk in her ear.
“I… You too,” She stuttered.
I smirk, she’s putty in my hands.
“Do you want me to take you here? Right up against the door?” I ask, dipping my head so my breath hits her neck.
I wait for an answer, but it doesn’t come.
“I asked you a question,” I growl, taking a bite of the flesh near her shoulder.
“Y-yeah,” She stutters.
“Tell me what you want…” I husk, running my hand over her clothed breasts.
“Fuck me,” She growls, her whole body arching to my touch.
“Yes ma’am,” I whisper, taking her earlob in between my teeth.
I gently move my hand down to her jeans, not wasting any time I undo the button and zipper.
“Yes,” She groans, her hips arching out to me.
“Eager are we?” I tease, while I slip a hand into her panties.
“God yes,” She moans.
I chuckle, gently running a single finger through her folds.
“Please more,” She whimpers.
I gently push two fingers inside of her, earning a moan from her pink lips. I ease out of her, then slowly back in. Slowly, teasing her.
“Faster. Please,” She whispers.
“Faster huh? So you want me to fuck you here? Do you want it to be fast so everyone can hear the sounds you make? Do you want everyone to know that I made you scream? Does that excite you?” I ask, roughly biting her neck.
“Yes,” She whispers, rolling her hips, despite for release.
“Are you my little slut?” I whisper, I can see the goose bumps spread on her neck.
I look into her eyes, dark blue with lust and sparkling with sometime else. That look sends waves down to my center.
“Fuck me like a little slut,” She says, never breaking eye contact.
That’s all I need. I add another finger, feeling her tiny pussy gripping my fingers I wiggle them. I get a loud moan for that, then I get down a rhythm, fast and hard. Deep inside of her, as deep as I can go.
“Yes. God yes. Fuck,” She whispers as I bring her closer and closer.
My fingers are trapped inside of her as her whole body spasms, I wrap my other arm around her waist to keep her upright.
She looks up at me, her blue eyes shining.
“Hi,” She whispers. “Hey,” I chuckle.
“That was… Wow,” She giggles.
“See. I told you,” I tease.
“I love you,” She whispers.
“I love you too,” I whisper, gently kissing her pink lips.
She giggles, pulling away.
“What’s so funny?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.
“We didn’t kiss. That was amazing and we didn’t even kiss,” She smiles.
“We don’t need to kiss to be awesome,” I chuckle.
“Shut up!” She giggles, gently pushing me away.
“Nah,” I tease, moving my fingers, which are still inside of her.
“Shit,” She mumbles.
“You were saying?” I ask with a smirk.
“Fuck you Calliope,” She says wih a smirk of her own.
“Oh you will be doing a whole lot of that, won’t you?” I ask with a knowing smirk.
“Sure,” She replys.
Before I even know what has happened she has me pinned to the wall and her hand down my pants, gently teasing my outer lips.
“God I love you,” I chuckle.
“I love you too.” She smiles, kissing me gently before going back to fucking me.

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Even Better

I smile to myself as I make my way though my apartment. Arizona is home. It is time for our cuddles. I mean, she’ll want to cuddle with me. Like always.
I open my bedroom door and look at my girlfriend. Her blonde hair is spread all over both of our pillows. She is in the middle of the bed. The blanket is just covering her bottom, as she is naked, as always. I can clearly see the dimples at the bottom of her spine. I shut the door behind me and take off my shirt.
“Oh yeah.” I hear a moan.
I raise an eyebrow and look at the sleeping blonde in my bed.
“Cal… Calliope… Mhm.” She moans, her hips moving.
I smile to myself, she must be having a wet dream. From the sound of it, a pretty damn good one too.
“Yeah. There.”
I quickly rid myself of my remaining clothes and craw into bed with her. I move the blanket from it’s spot on her hips. I slowly press my body into her back. My already hardened nipples touching the softness of her shoulders.
“Arizona baby..” I whisper into her ear before taking her earlobe in between my teeth.
“Mhm.” She moans, but she is still asleep.
“Hermosa, tengo una sorpresa para ti.” I whisper in spanish as I kiss the back of her neck.
“Callie..” She groans, in that place between sleep and being awake, aware but unsure.
“¿Has tenido un buen sueño?” I ask, gently running my hand up and down her leg.
“Mhm.” She whispers, unaware and uncaring of what is happening. “¿Quieres ser follada?” I question, my voice low with lust.
“Si.” She moans, her hips raising off of the bed.
“You do?” I question again, my hand stilling just an inch away from where it needs to be.
“Yes. I want to be fucked.”
I reward her by drawing a single finger through her folds. Her very wet folds.
“You’re so wet baby.”
“Ju… Just for you.”
I chuckle. She’s so cute when she’s like this. Begging to be fucked.
“Más, por favor.” She whispers.
God I am so happy I taught her some things to say. Spanish is so fucking sexy.
“Very well.”
I pull out of her completely, earning a whimper. Then I push two fingers into her completely filling her up.
“Awh yes.” She moans.
I gently start a rhythm, along with gently biting the soft skin of her neck I slowly bring her closer and closer to the edge.
That’s all she has to say for me to know. I move my hips down, forcing her hips to ride my fingers. With my free hand I reach under her and put some pressure on her clit.
“Cum for me baby.” I whisper in her ear.
Her body becomes tense under mine. I let her ride out her waves before pulling out.
“Hey.” She mumbles after a few moments.
“Hey Beautiful.” I reply, rolling off her naked back.
“What was that for?” She questions, her pale hamd finding mine and intertwining our fingers.
“You looked like you were having a good dream.” I smile, looking into her beautiful eyes.
“Oh I was.” She smirks, rolling on top of me.
“You were?” I question with a smirk of my own.
“But you know what?” She leans down and kisses my neck.
“What?” I ask as her free hand finds my inner thigh.
“This is even better.”

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Season six finale.
Oh the tears.

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Take of your pants


The writers for each ep. that Sara Ramirez is not fully clothed should get bonuses. Just Sayin.


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that comment.




that comment.

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This episode I started to like Leah… To see a real reason and feel for her…
Sucks that it was her very last day.

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that-shattered-girl asked: Hey, I tried looking for that fb u gave me but I cant find you.


I can’t get on fb anyways. Tumblr and Fanfiction are all I can get on my phone.

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Reading a completed fanfic and everything is working out perfectly. Like you are freaking out because it’s so perfect. Then you look and you’re on chapter 18 of 42.

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Anonymous asked: Hey!! Do you have a multi chapter for that robbns 1 fic??? I had the same idea floating in my head I was going to send the idea to another writer until I saw that you had started it sorta the way I'd like to see it play out. Please say you do lol


Yes. It is up on QuoteV, AO3, and, all you need to do is look for me. BigG1999. It is still titled Robbins on there.

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Sara Ramirez: The queen of latinas and microphones.

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"why do you ship rizzles they’re never going to get together anyway"

why do you breathe you’re going to die anyway

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